The Grudge: Reebok Edition: Reebok have officially won the award for the Weirdest. Sneaker. Commercial. Ever.

Reebok, we have so many questions. Sure the beat is catchy and everyone would definitely watch it a few times – but… what and why?

Few of the many confused reactions include, “Had to see the full commercial to gain context on what exactly was going on. I still have no clue” and the simple, “What the hell.”

“The conventional needs a shock to the system. The same old, same old needs some shaking up. Be the thing that no one sees coming. Sport the Unexpected.”

Reebok’s comment

Yep the system has been shocked.

The creative agency Venables Bell & Partners are behind the Reebok X Grudge commercial, with Prettybird handling the Production. The advert was produced by Julie Sawyer and directed by Tom Noakes.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

The backing track is a tribal anthem called Prayer Hands by A-Trak & YehMe2. Seems apt, as some would be praying for sleep tonight after watching that commercial. #YehMe2.

For more Reebok, here’s our in depth review of their 2019 flagship – the Reebok Sole Fury.


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